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What are the steps to be a successful sociologist?

I am a junior in High School but I interested in finding out more about the different steps that are required to become a good sociologist.
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Muhammad Anwar’s Answer

So, I'm not currently a sociologist but I was a Sociology major back in college. What I've taken from this are the following points:

  1. You must have an interest in Sociology, inquisitive and natural curiosity about the people around you.

  2. You must have an open mind, able to evaluate and take in different point of views from different people from varying background.

  3. You will be needed to do a lot of research to prove a certain hypothesis. You must be able to approach the subject without any bias of your own, regardless of your personal experience (it is harder that it sounds)

  4. You must love to read. Half of the time, you will be required to read up on works of past researchers and sociologist, use their work as reference to support your thesis.

  5. For research purposes, you need to have good communication skills; for when you are conducting interviews with subjects, language skills; cause you will be writing thesis and papers and statistic knowledge; when you need to tabulate survey results for researches.

Those are just some of the points that I can think of at the top of my head and I wish you all the best!

Would you be able to discribe a difficult time in the class? Or What made you major in Sociology? CarmelaCodman1 .

Theres a few reasons that made me major in Sociology but mostly because I was brought from an Asian middle class backgroud, I've alwasy been taught that your hard work determine the type of opportunities and success you achieve. But as I grew older, I realized this is not always the case and that there are other factors involve that just hard work. Sociology helped me understand this and being naturally curious, I took the plunge and decide to major in it. It also helps to have awesome professors that help you relate to the topics that they are teaching Muhammad Anwar Azees

The most difficult time for me in class was when we had to do quantitative reasearch, which involves alot of using questionaires and surveys, tabulating the results and getting the necessary data to support my hypothesis. I have never been very good with stats and deciphering data from graphs and numbers but again, it could just be me. Muhammad Anwar Azees

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Linda’s Answer

Dulce, I would just add a few other points:
Make sure you not only have an interest in sociology, but that you're passionate about the subject matter.
If you teach, care about students.
If you teach, show your enthusiasm. It's often infectious.
Be humble and open to learning from others, especially students.