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What are good programs to use when beginning graphic design?

Asked Lynn, Massachusetts

I'm asking this question because I would like to start doing graphic design and I was curious on where I would start. #art #design #beginner

4 answers

Alwyn’s Answer

Updated Brockton, Massachusetts

First software does not a designer make. If you learn the programs that comprise the Adobe Creative Suite that is a great start as they cover print and web design. For print learn about typography, color theory, composition and layout. Also learn HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript as designer are becoming cross disciplinarians working on websites, online and mobile applications. Mastering design in a broad way will make you more employable. Read about design, do tutorials, watch demos and try out apps that have the promise of providing you some good if not great ways to do your work better and faster. Learn the process of design and live the discipline you want to become a practitioner in.

thanks for the info
This is really helpful, thanks! Does it cost a lot to get the Adobe Creative Suite, or is it free?
Are there any programs specifically for beginners?
Thanks Alwyn this is really interesting!

Holly’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Great Question Marc, may I suggest that this depends on what college you can afford to attend or exacly what your end goal in a career would be. 3D animation , with graphic design, web design, web stability, web sites for companies is a great field a growing field right now. You can go to any design institute, that is post secondary if you cannot afford the four year college. Another great route you can take is a community college then transfer to a four year college, The college guidance counselor can help you with all the electives you need along wih your pre educational classes for a degree. The good thing about post secondary is that post secondary is an excelrated course without many of the pre ed classes. However, when looking at post secondary, make sure that they are accrediated so you can transfer the credits to another college in the future in case you want to change the career path. Community colleges are the best way to go because you can get almost all of the pre ed classes there and most all the credits do transfer to four year or a post secondary college after you have completed the pre educational courses like math english reading all the intro classes you will need. What ever path you choose the very best to you in your career path. You may want to google all the schools in your area to see what ones you may be interested in. Anyone at Career Village can help you in the decision to attend or not to attend if it is a post secondary college. I did notice that there are many of those online. Good Luck.

Thanks, this is really helpful!
Thanks Holly this is really interesting!

Bryan’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California


Design is mostly communication and programs are merely tools to communicate and express your ideas. Please be careful and don't fall into a trap thinking: "Because I know how to use Photoshop then that makes me a graphic designer." Moreover, I know many people, including myself, still sketch things out on paper to quickly communicate our thoughts.

In response to your question, programs are always changing and it is important to keep up with the latest industry standard. As of now, Adobe's software (Photoshop, illustrator, inDesign, Aftereffects) are still the primary to-go programs for designers alike. However, there are many other 3rd party softwares out there that are gaining grounds. Sketch is one of the those.

I suggest you look on sites such as www.dribbble.com (lots of good graphics and illustrations there) to gain a better sense of what tools professional designers are currently using.

Good luck!

Danielle’s Answer

Updated Berkeley, California

In short it depends on what type of focus and what type of a designer, but in general, you should have a strong command over the Adobe Creative Suite. That's a lot to learn but it will certainly be useful. Also I am not a visual designer but I do work with several visual designers in my day-to-day as a marketer. I would suggest looking into AIGA. AIGA is a one of the largest professional membership organizations for designers (visual, graphics) and they have several local chapters and student groups which you might find helpful. The student group is focused on college students but I bet that they would provide you with a lot of information and possibly introduce you to people in your area that could get you involved in volunteer activities. This is the site:http://www.aiga.org/

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Thanks for the advice
Thanks Danielle this is really interesting!