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Can l practice now to be a singer if l want to be a musician in the future?

I am a young mom. Love music and wish to pursue a career in music. Although l have hope that one day l will increase my studies since l am drop out due to being a mom at a young age musician singing Music -industry

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4 answers

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Phil’s Answer

Absolutely! You'll need a way to distribute your tunes and there are many platforms to choose from (you can do all)!
Check out - it allows you to upload your music and publish on multiple platforms simultaneously!

I understand that money shouldn't be the core reason you pursue something but I find that it helps fund your path and enable more opportunities.

Best of luck and I hope to see you on soundcloud or Spotify!
Thank you so much really appreciate it l mean of course why not. Thanks Rue C.
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Libin’s Answer

Great Question! Its "Better Late than Never" as they say. Singing is a skill that you can start off from the time you think about it.

Everyone is born with a different voice and vocal range. The art of learning how to sing and how to improve your individual singing voice is learning how to work with the tools you already have in your toolbox. Working to improve your singing voice takes a mix of ingredients: balance, coordination, and the right exercises.

Some of the steps to help you become a good singer are below:

Libin recommends the following next steps:

1. Controlling Pitch
2. Strong Support
3. Volume and Style
4. Self-Awareness
5. Using Your Voice
Thank you soon much Rue C.
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Mark’s Answer

Hi Rue!

Absolutely! It may be more difficult to find the time, etc. However, there's no reason you can't study and practice. In fact, I would encourage it!

Good luck!
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Samantha’s Answer

Of course u can! Schedule a time for yourself everyday to study and practice. Just because ur a mom doesnt mean u cant follow your dreams!
Thanks ey❤️ Rue C.