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What are the requirements in becoming a Mental Health Counselor ?

I will love to help people and make sure there mental health is all good! mental-health-counseling health mental-health counselor

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2 answers

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Lillian’s Answer

Briana, thank you for your question! Another important requirement to keep in mind is that in many cases you will need an occupational license to practice. In my experience this requires studying for one or more exams, paying a licensing fee and making a commitment to ongoing education in order to keep your professional license up to date.
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Karen’s Answer

Most true counseling work in Mental Health will require AT LEAST a Bachelor degree in an array of degree choices --Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Human Services, Health Services. Sometime during your college career you will be required to do an internship, some kind of direct care "practice" or practicum, but ALSO -- even before it's a requirement, really explore volunteer work opportunities at shelters/clinics/agencies with lots of different special populations so you can truly find your passion. Is it drug addicted? Is it depressed/suicidal? Is it eating disorders? There are also many ideologies to "treating" mental health. It will be important to study the theories and find the practices that match your heart and soul. Will treatment be holistic and include spiritual, emotional, physical (yoga/ exercise/ prayer) along with the mental health focus?