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How can I get job experience related to STEM in high school?

I want to be more secure in what field to pursue. engineering science technology mathematics environmental-science women-in-tech

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4 answers

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Lydia!

You asked a very important question. The answer is by participating in career exposure programs such as internships, volunteer and shadowing opportunities, and coop programs. Your school counselor can help you identify and become involved in such opportunities. Here is a site that will help you to identify internships:

Best of luck! Please keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress.

These are great suggestions. I would also add to check with local companies and colleges for events that may allow exposure to your field of choice. STEM spans a very large possibility and everything from participating in a science or math club at your school to participating to getting involved in groups to build your network will help you decide which field you want to focus on, in my opinion. Alyssa Streller

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Kushalappa’s Answer

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Chelsea’s Answer

Volunteer! Volunteering is a great way to work with organizations that are focused on STEM and learn new skills. By volunteering you will be networking within your field (both with staff and other volunteers) and gaining experience. It's a win-win and can even lead to an internship in the future or letters of recommendation for college and future jobs.

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Michelle’s Answer

Look for Internships in technology that are in your local area, robotics clubs, programing/coding classes at your local college, volunteer for local organizations to help younger students learn STEM also. I know most of these activities are not a paying positions but it will help gain experience and will grab the attention of others. When I graduated from college I got 3 interviews with large companies because of one college club I was in charge of for 3 years. They were so impressed and interested in what this club did that we spent time discuss it in detail. Doing the type of activities above will be a great stepping stone to start your way in your career early. Background: I started working at 14 in restaurants/retail and am so glad I did because I learned so much that helped me later on.

Michelle recommends the following next steps:

Research local college events for high school, programs offered by colleges, volunteer events related to STEM
Look into local companies hiring high school interns that are STEM related opportunities
Research local clubs in the area that are STEM related
Google programs elsewhere (at the college you may want to attend in the future)