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As there are still not many women in the engineering field, what would I be able to do in college and my future career to earn more respect from men in that field?

I have heard from some female engineers that I have talked to about how they weren't given as much respect as they should from men in college and their workplace. This worries me because I want to major in Biomedical Engineering and I want to be fully respected in the workplace and in college and I am not sure if I could handle the disrespect that I have heard happens in college and the workplace for women in engineering. #engineering #biomedical-engineering #women-in-stem #women-in-engineering

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2 answers

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bridget’s Answer

Hi Kaycee -- Disrespect of women in engineering is not unique; many women face disrespect in business, transportation and medicine! Given that it is "universal", do not shy away from your desired field of Biomedical Engineering!

Although work ethic & knowledge should be the only determining factors when a student or employee is striving for influence and respect, we are social creatures and so both appearance and communication come into play as well.

This is a lovely blog entry that provides tips for any young lady who feels others undermine her value because she is female:

Best to you,


Thank you so much for that information! It definitely helps me on my comfindence level entering the field! Kaycee P.

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Simon’s Answer

I have been in the engineering field for over 40 years ( back when there really were few women in the field) and generally speaking, in my experience as an engineering manager, women are seen as equals in engineering support and leadership roles. The only time this has been an issue is when an individual (male or female) does not contribute equally. Respect is earned and if you are a good engineer and contributed, you should become a well respected, valuable engineering resource. This is not to say you will not run into someone who does not acknowledge your talent, the way you address the situation through communication and example, will determine the future. Good luck