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Will all lawyers in San Francisco be getting paid $62,114 a year as of May 6,2021 or just Immigration Lawyers?

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2 answers

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Matthew’s Answer

You need to recognize that, whatever the source of that number you're showing, it's just a statistic. Actual earnings for a role in an industry are a distribution influenced by many factors.

If you're interested in entering that field then you should reach out to current professionals in the industry and see what it takes to get internships, co-ops, or miscellaneous jobs in their field. Reach out on Linkedin or try to find someone through a mentorship program ran by your college or something. Developing relationships and work experience are the best way to improve your earning potential.

I will note that most companies and hiring managers are extremely off-put by incoming candidates focusing solely on potential earnings as their motivator. It's unfair in many ways, I know, but you should not emphasize money as your primary motivator when pursuing any career (unless you find yourself in a Wolf of Wallstreet scenario).
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Kim’s Answer

I too am confused as to the source of that info. It sounds like perhaps those immigration attorneys are court-appointed to handle cases, as opposed to being independently employed. Nothing sets the wages of independent attorneys, at least not that I know of.