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How many years does it takes if you want to study 2 majors in college ?

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4 answers

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Matthew’s Answer

This is a fair question with the most common answer you'll hear in life: it depends.

Whether or not you received college credits in highschool, whether the two degrees you're pursuing have overlapping courses, your willingness to load up on credit hours in a semester, do summer courses, whether you need to retake a class or take a semester or two off for a co-op; there's a lot of variables here.

The absolute best thing that you can do for yourself is speak with the counselors provided to you by your school. My school's college of engineering had a few general counselors available to help guide you to useful resources in the school, and when I chose my major that department had an additional two counselors who could help you work through both your academic and career goals. So develop relationships with these types of people, speak with them early, they'll help you make an academic plan for the next few years, and then it's up to you to execute.

With all of that said, the most-likely answer will be about 5 years for a double major if you take a few courses during summer semesters.

Thank you I appreciate it so much Briana H.

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Karen’s Answer

You can be a double major in college and still complete course work in 4 years - or maybe one additional term. If you have selected majors / a pathway is declared early in your first year, your advisor will guide you on how to set up your schedule so that each term (probably including summer) you will be registered for the proper courses to degree completion. Do not worry if you change your mind part way through and decide to take a different career track. But also do not let 1 course (doing poorly in it or just really not enjoying it) derail you from your goals! If still in high school, start NOW with Dual Enrollment so as to pick up a few college core course credits (along with fulfilling high school credits) BEFORE you even get to college!.You can pick up these college credits as a dual enrolled student online or face to face/2 year college or 4 year. Program example =
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Steven’s Answer

Hello: Does your High School offer "Advanced Placement" or "College In The Schools" courses? Taking these courses are a great way to receive college credit for courses during High School, freeing up your Collegee schedule for classes in a second major. This is a cost-effective way to achieve a double major, as transfering those credits to a college or univiersity does not cost anything. I've also known individuals with enough college credits from High School to also complete a Master Degree in 4 years.
If you are short on these "Advanced Placement" or "College In the Schools" options, you could take summer classes at a local community college and transfer those to your 4-Year College or University.

Hi Steven, do you have an estimate for the student of about how long it takes to complete 2 majors (for the average student)? This is a perfect suggestion if the student has AP classes available though! Alexandra Carpenter, Team

Thank so much ill look into this today I really appreciate this so much. Briana H.

Hello: I do not have and data on the average dual major completion time. My suggestions were about how to finish in 4 years, and I have known several students who have done this. Thank You. Steven Poss

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Whitney’s Answer

Hi there! Double major requirements vary for each school. If you're interested in pursuing a double major, you can expect additional required credit hours, heavier course workload (maybe 18 credit hours instead of 15 per semester), summer classes if you're trying to push to be done in 4 years. You'll also need to consider if the both majors are a part of a similar discipline. For example if you're majoring in Sociology and Anthropology where some of the core/foundational classes are the same, it might take only an additional semester or summer classes. If you're majoring in Biology and Communication, it may take an extra 2 -4 semesters as the foundational/core/elective requirements may not be similar.

Thank you so much ill look into this as well. Briana H.