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Trang Mar 06, 2023 565 views

How many AP classes should I take for my sophomore year? Should I take the AP PreCalc that will be offered next year?

I will have these options:
English 10 Hn
AP European/ regular
AP PreCalc/ regular
Chemistry Hn/ regular
AP Statistics

I want to be majoring in economics. Thank you

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Aug 17, 2022 592 views


What does it take to become a mechanical engineer? What do they do? Is it difficult job?

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Apr 11, 2022 663 views

What kind of careers would I be able to do if I major in Marketing? Would it be a helpful degree if I want to become an entrepreneur?

I am interested in a degree in Marketing and in starting my own business one day.

Aliya’s Avatar
Aliya Jul 05, 2021 543 views

How do I get a head start on entering the medical field while in high school?

Hi, I am Aliya I’m currently interested in exploring careers in the medical field. #healthcare #medical #medical-school Right now I am set on going to college after high school and my gap year and becoming a PA.

Regina’s Avatar
Regina Jun 19, 2021 677 views

Is it too late for me to start studying to become a pediatrician in 10th grade?

#medicine #doctor #pediatric-nursing #pediatrics

Jehlani’s Avatar
Jehlani Jun 15, 2021 395 views

What steps / classes should I or be taking in order to be on the right track to becoming a medical examiner as my over all career?

Hello my name is Jehlani , I am currently a senior soon to be a freshman in college. I am going to study Anthropology in college in order to be on the right track to becoming a medical examiner . #healthcare #medicine #doctor

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Jun 08, 2021 936 views

What careers are there within mathematics?

I like math but have always struggled to figure out where exactly to go with it #math

amalia’s Avatar
amalia Jun 09, 2021 615 views

how do i decide on what i want to do?

im a 16 year old girl who loves animals but also loves to do hair as well. I wanted to a vet ands start my own clinic but i also would like to be a professional hairstylist #veterinary-medicine #job #veterinarian

marli’s Avatar
marli Jun 07, 2021 854 views

I'm not sure what to study at all I'm looking for career advise

I'm very artsy but I wouldn't want to pursue it as a career. I love working around people but not really with them, I like working with my hand and doing practical things but I also like theoretical things and working with a plan... #career-choice #career-path #career #career-counseling

Abdul’s Avatar
Abdul Jun 22, 2016 792 views

I want to make my career in Marine Engineering. Which subjects are essential for Marine Engineering?

Hi I want to make my career in Marine Engineering. I am now in 9th, which subjects are essential for Marine Engineering? #engineering #international #marine #boats

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio May 28, 2021 871 views

How do your earn extra money while in college

#money-management #money #business

Briana’s Avatar
Briana May 27, 2021 530 views

How many years does it takes if you want to study 2 majors in college ?

#marriage-therapist #family-therapist
#mental-health #counselor