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how do i decide on what i want to do?

im a 16 year old girl who loves animals but also loves to do hair as well. I wanted to a vet ands start my own clinic but i also would like to be a professional hairstylist veterinary-medicine job veterinarian

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4 answers

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Scott’s Answer

Hi Amalia. You're asking an important question at the right time. I say that because you have time to try on both professions so that you can make an informed decision,. When I say try on, in some ways this is like trying on new clothes to see if they fit. In "trying on a job," you get to see what it may be like to have that as your profession.

Here's how I suggest going about this. Reach out to veterinary clinics and hair salons close to your home. Tell them of your passion for their field and that you goal is to learn more about it so you can decide if you'd like to pursue this as a career. Let them know you're hoping to shadow an employee over a few days, observing what they do and how they do it.

It may take a number of calls to get someone to say "yes," but keep asking until you get a positive response.

I wish you all the best in deciding which will be your career choice.

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Steven’s Answer

Hello Amalia: I agree it is great you are exploring career options now!
The largest difference between the 2 is the level of education required. Becoming a veterinarian requires 4 years of undergraduate college followed by 4 years of Veterinary School. It is a major commitment from both and education and financial perspective. The educational cost and work is similar to becoming a medical doctor. Steve
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Mickael’s Answer

Hi Amalia,

First, I am going to echo Scott's and Steven's answers.

{quote} I wanted to a vet ands start my own clinic but i also would like to be a professional hairstylist {quote}
First make sure you connect with professional in both areas to see if that is really what you want. You need to be aware that you will spend a significant amount of time in your job, so it's more than what you like, it's a commitment. And having your own clinic as a vet is also a commitment in your study.

If this is really what your career be, and you are still hesitating, why not ally both?
being a vet that offers "hairstyle" service for animal is something that must exist. There are jobs and shops specialized in cutting animals hair.

Just a proposal here.
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Michael’s Answer

Hi Amalia, I am excited to read that you are not only interested in or have a passion for one thing, but at least two! At first glance, I was going to answer this question saying something about this awesome groomer that once worked in my dad's clinic, but then I realized your question goes much deeper. What to do when you have more than one passion, more than one possible calling? I believe that we should look what is offered to us in our communities. For me, veterinary medicine was close as an adolescent, palpable, and maybe for you there is someone in your family who is a great hair stylist and owns a salon, and also maybe a friend of the family who is a veterinarian and owns a clinic. I think that it is actually very healthy to look for multiple mentors, for role models. There is therefore no conflict, but rather an enrichment of experience possible. I would therefore say you need to explore both, maybe not at the same time, and possibly not to the same extent, but the longer you keep your passions alive, the happier you will be in whatever you will end up choosing. To be successful in any of these two careers takes a lot of time; these are not the traditional nine-to-five jobs; you will be continually challenged to exceed expectations. Try vet school; it's very competitive. Give it your best shot early. There are more good options for studying hair styling and cosmetology across the country. It will be of use to speak to women in both fields who have been successful in juggling a successful career and personal relationships.