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What are other areas of nursing is there that deals with children ?

I want to be a nurse but i want to deal with kids . Therefore i want to know are there other options than neonatal nursing #doctor #nursing #college-major #professor #nurse

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3 answers

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Lorraine E.’s Answer

Hi Jenae,

I have been a nurse for over 9 years. While I do not know all of the fields, I can share a few with which I am familiar. As you mentioned, nurses have the ability to work with children in the hospital in the neonatal setting, including, but not limited to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), mother and baby in the postpartum (after delivery), and also in pediatric hospitals caring for hospitalized children. Outside of the hospital, there are pediatric offices, you can be a school nurse, and there are behavioral health facilities that care for children and adolescents. You can also work with children in family practice offices that care for children from newborn on up and for adults.

I have been a school nurse and this is a fun setting where you work in the clinic at a school and care for children with conditions ranging from the common cold or a scraped knee to children with diabetes or other health conditions that require regular monitoring. I have also worked in family practice and enjoy the variety of seeing children and adults. With children care includes visits for illnesses or injuries or well child visits for physicals and immunizations. I enjoyed both, but family practice was my favorite as I used much more of my nursing knowledge and critical thinking.

I hope this helps!

Lorraine M.

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Deb’s Answer

There are also Children's only hospitals. In Indianapolis we have Riley Hospital. Specialty units within these hospitals - cardiology, neurology, oncology, etc. There are also long term Extended Care Facilities for children. Home care, especially. One on one hourly staffing for kids. Ventilatote, etc. Hope this helps. st

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Rupam’s Answer

pediatric RN works with children in doctors’ offices and hospitals. They provide routine checkups to children of all ages.