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What is a day in the life of an aerospace engineer all about?

Asked Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia, Canada

I plan on becoming an aerospace engineer, and I know that jobs in the real field vary quite a bit. I have talked to a few people about their jobs as aerospace engineers, but I would like to have a full spectrum of experience. #engineering #experience #aerospace #with

2 answers

Shethal’s Answer

Hi Lucy, I would recommend exploring some industrial visits and see their values and if it is a job you see yourself doing. The jobs vary from simple bicycle aerodynamic-st to rocket engineer. Once the basic knowledge and skills are acquired, the options are plenty. I could answer anymore questions you may have. You can do it! #becometheaersospaceengineer

Gail’s Answer

Updated Fairfax, Virginia

Hi Lucy, thanks for your question. You are right, there is a variety of job types in the field. My focus was IT in aerospace. There are embedded sensors and effectors in the mechanical systems that sense certain conditions, such as pressure and air, and effectors that can change the conditions. Software receives the data from sensors and sends commands to effectors. My job was to perform independent verification and validation of the software. So it was very detailed, heads down work. For me it took focus and attention to detail, the day went quickly! Good luck, I hope you find an area you love. -