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How did you decide which sector of aerospace engineering you wanted to pursue (aero or astro)?

Asked Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia, Canada

Aerospace engineering can be a very broad career topic, but is split into two different tracks. Thinking about my career in aerospace engineering worries me that I will have difficulty deciding on my track. #engineering #experience #aerospace #in

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Skyler’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Hello Lucy! While you might think of aerospace engineering as a broad topic, it's truly a very specialized focus of mechanical engineering, so don't worry! Any degree will aerospace engineering will have courses in and expose you to the aero and the astro side of the degree. Then as you get into your junior and senior years, you'll be more focused on one over the other and choose a track, but the classes you take as a freshman and sophomore will help to guide you to your true passion. And just because you focus on one DOESN'T mean that you'll be stuck in that realm forever, you'll be able to work in the field on either side because engineering teaches you how to be a critical thinker and a problem solver who can learn and tackle anything. And you can usually take the classes on the other track as electives if you wish, that way you come out as a very well-rounded aero/astro engineer. I hope this helps!