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What is the most important thing to know before becoming a surgeon?

I have wanted to be a doctor ever since I was four, and I am trying now to narrow down my field of interest. My little sister has had many surgeries in her lifetime, so I have had lots of exposure to the world of medicine. Therefore, I am examining the field of surgery and how that could fit into my career and life plan. doctor surgeon neurosurgeon general-surgery cardiac-surgeon plastic-surgeon healthcare hospital-and-health-care

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2 answers

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Claire’s Answer

Hi Ally,
First, those are some wonderful goals! I think the biggest piece of advice I can give you, is if you are not a third-year or fourth-year medical student, don't try to narrow down your field of interest quite yet! Stay open to other possibilities within the field of being a physician. Medical school is a challenge, set your goals high but I think you need to be happy with any career as a physician in case you aren't going to be a surgeon. For now, focus on the aspects of medicine that you enjoy and try to find opportunities to volunteer. In addition, shadow as many different specialties as you can, this looks good on medical school applications.
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Marco’s Answer

Have you done any practical tests to see if you have affinity for this function? Have you ever visited hospitals, have you taken any first aid courses? Do you like to care for people with disabilities and help them? Being a surgeon is not just putting on the gloves, performing a procedure and returning home. Think about it.