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what college is best for becoming a director

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3 answers

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Debbie’s Answer

The college of your choice, but if you are interested in business focus on that or if you are interested in becoming a director in the healthcare field I suggest a degree in health administration.

Debbie recommends the following next steps:

Do your research on colleges that meet your needs and provide the best options for you.
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Ben’s Answer

First off, a disclaimer of sorts: I am from the UK and have no idea about what colleges are "better" for film/TV directing than others in the United States.

What do I do know is that access to the film/TV industry depends a lot on your NETWORK. Who you can get in touch with, do work experience for, get a starter job with, etc.

My first instinct would be to look at colleges in the same towns/cities as big TV & film production centres (I know these to be LA, NYC and Atlanta). I can't promise that this is the case, but my bet would be that colleges in these places- especially those who do film/TV related courses- would have better connections to nearby industry by virtue of proximity.

Further, to be in the same town/city where a lot of TV & film gets developed and/or made means that you are literally close to the action. One step closer to getting that summer job or work experience placement in the mail room, or as an assistant...

Being in the same place also makes it easier for you to make contact with and meet local professionals who you can ask for coffee to get some advice (flattery gets you everywhere! In my experience, more senior/experienced people love being asked for advice because it flatters their egos!! Make them feel important and ask for half hour of their time/if you can buy them coffee to "pick their brains about how everything works") Who knows where these encounters can lead... it's all about network building.

If you are looking at a college without specific TV & film directing courses- don't worry! There is no set industry standard for directors or anyone looking to get into the industry. Look to see if that college has a vibrant social scene with TV & film activities- e.g. filmmaking clubs and societies- forums where you can meet likeminded people and make short films. Because short films is likely the way you'll eventually get noticed if you want to direct....

Hope this is helpful! Good luck!
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Cara’s Answer

You can go to any college to become a Director! I went to Towson University in Baltimore, MD, and plenty of Directors have come from there. As long as you have the drive to learn and some great internships, you can go anywhere you want.