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What does it take to work In neuroscience and how much does it pay?

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Alejandra’s Answer

I did Neuroscience Research in a lab at my university for two years. As a research analyst, the only experience I needed to get the job was to show my passion around the work, and it helped that I was studying Neuroscience for my undergraduate degree. I made around $20/h in Boston, but my bosses studying to get PhD spoke about how as a Ph.D. candidate you get a stipend that allows you to live and study. The stipend won't make you rich and is mainly to get you through school! If you want to stay in the academic arena researching neuroscience it would be most lucrative to eventually become a professor that runs the lab working to secure neruscience funding and publishing neuroscience research under the school's name.

Overall, unless you go to a private neruscience research firm or do private neuroscience research, persuing a career in nerscience academic might not be the most lucrative!

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