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How mant years to study neuroscience

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5 answers

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Estelle’s Answer

That completely depends. There are Neuroscience undergraduate degrees as well as graduate degrees. If you were wanting an undergraduate neuroscience degree, then it usually takes about four years.

If you are talking about becoming a neurologist, then you need an undergraduate degree, four years of medical school & four years of residency.
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Rachel’s Answer

Neurology is a great field in medicine. It will require 4 years of college to obtain a bachelor's degree and complete the pre-med requirements. This is followed by 4 years of medical school and a 4 year neurology residency.
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Chelsie’s Answer

This depends on which country you live in and where you go to University.

In all countries, you need to first obtain an bachelor's degree in a field relevant to neuroscience. This might be a degree in biology or in neuroscience itself. Typically, completion of the undergraduate degree takes 3-4 years.

If you live in the U.S. you will then have to complete a Masters degree in neuroscience, which typically takes 2 years. In other countries, you have the option of doing a Master's degree or an honors research degree. An honors research degree is a 1 year research intensive program where you complete a research study and produce a thesis at the end.

Once you are finished with your Master's or honors degree, you can apply to PhD programs. In the U.S. a PhD typically takes 6 years to complete. In other countries, it can take 3-6 years.

If you want to go into neuroscience with a full doctorate, you should expect to study in University for at least 10-12 years.

Chelsie recommends the following next steps:

Investigate requirements for entry into neuroscience programs at different Universities in your country.
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Blake’s Answer

Hey Elizabeth,

I think it depends if you want to specialize in certain areas. However, I think the rule of thumb is 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school, and then 6 or 7 years of residency.

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Sachin’s Answer

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for the question. In theory, it's 4 years to the bachelor's degree and then another 4 to the PhD. Unfortunately, it often takes over 6 years to get a PhD in neuroscience in the US.

Hope this helps and good luck!