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Do you prefer working in a hospital or as a private practitioner?

I'm a high school student looking to go into neurology, and I've always wanted to work in a hospital. I currently volunteer at a hospital, and I want to know if working there is better than having your own private practice. #doctor #medical-school #hospital #neuroscience #neurology

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4 answers

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James’s Answer

hi sindhu,

i'm not a neurologist. i'm a family physician with 20 years experience. i've worked as both a hospitalist and as an outpatient-only physician. i did neurology rotations in medical school and again in residency. i've worked extensively with neurologists in numerous settings.

i'm not sure why you're asking this question at this point in your career journey. when you're in medical school you'll get to experience the hospital setting. in residency you'll begin to be exposed to outpatient practice. once in practice you'll have frequent opportunities to switch from one setting to another.

also, keep in mind that the medical field is always evolving. there could be many other options for you professionally, such as telemedicine, house calls, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation facilities, academics, research, etc.

with time you'll be in the best position to answer that question for yourself.

good luck!

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Rachel’s Answer

I am a private practitioner who works in clinic and in the hospital. I see patients two days a week, perform surgery in the hospital 1 day a week, and perform procedures at an ambulatory surgery center 1 day a week.

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Maria’s Answer

Hi, that is a good question.
Hospital and office are not mutually exclusive. You can do both in many time combinations for example half day office and half day hospital.
However the new tendency is to do office (private practice, group practice) only or hospital only and there is a new subspecialty called "neurohospitalist" which focuses on stroke and hospital work.
When you go through your neurology rotations you will find out what is more appealing to you. Both can be fast-paced.
I prefer office work which gives me better control over my schedule and I can take care of my family.
Best wishes!

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Rupam’s Answer

Do you thrive in large, fast-paced environments or are you more likely to excel in a place with a smaller, family-like atmosphere?