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For all STEM majors, what courses that were NOT requirements for graduation ddi you most benefit from?

I am a prospective STEM student. I wanted to get insight on not only core classes, but other classes some of you may have taken that had an impact on your personal life (not necessarily your major). I know college is expensive and taking extra courses may seem trivial to a focused student, yet I believe their may be some valid non-topic courses. #college #stem #women-in-stem

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Public speaking was required for engineering majors at my undergraduate institution, although I think this is not typical. I would recommend taking a public speaking course even if it's not required, as I found this to be a very beneficial course. It improved my speaking ability immensely, and helped with anxiety I had with speaking in front of others.

I also recommend taking a few humanities or social science classes in an area you are interested in. Typically you will be required to take a few of these classes anyway. In addition to learning about a subject you are interested in, use these classes to develop your reading and writing abilities. An important component of these classes is learning to write effectively and persuasively, and the professor and TA should work with you to help develop your writing ability as you write your papers.

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In my first year of University I took a course on Writing. We studied academic writing, creative writing, speech writing, report writing and some other forms. I have used the things I learned there in every part of my life. Being able to communicate well will affect how people see you, which affects almost every part of your life. I agree strongly with Keith Martin about public speaking too. So much of your life is dependent on communication, don't skimp on learning and practicing.
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