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What careers involve creative writing?

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6 answers

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Emily’s Answer

Almost every big company needs strong writers and creative people to help with their internal/external communications teams, public relations, and marketing. I would recommend going to some of your favorite companies' websites and looking up communications jobs to see what is available and what kinds of skills/experience they are looking for so you have a better understanding of what you may be interested in pursuing.
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Brandon’s Answer

A lot of the jobs, as you can tell from the other posts for this thread, have a lot of options in working for companies social media platforms, communications, journalist, editor and other types of jobs of the sort. Some of these jobs are highly competitive so you would need to have some experience first before trying to get into the job market otherwise and it will be very difficult. I would recommend volunteering to gain experience in order to show your employer what you are able to do as some jobs require samples.
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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Sofia,

I would offer my job as a great writing job, Instructional Design. You can look up that job title online. I get to create training for people in corporate environments. It can be challenging to create training that meets the need without using too much time. I get to create web-based training and videos. Videos can still be creative as we often have to re-create scenarios if we cannot record people doing the job. I also write training that is taught by an instructor. I basically write the script for the training that they are going to teach.

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Harold’s Answer

Both the answers you've received so far are good advice.

I'll expand on them a little to say creative writing helps in just about every job position, regardless if it involves writing or not. The reason? Because the skills that make that kind of writing possible are all about being able to tell a story, which informs any kind of interaction, presentation, or proposal. I've even taken my creative writing into the technical writing field, which may sound like a mismatch, but that story-telling aspect, knowing how to present information so it can be understood, has provided me a solid and long career...without having to give up the other aspects of my writing.

If you're looking explicitly and only to write creatively, and not for corporate (which has been covered above) look into the entertainment fields film/tv/streaming. Obvious, I'm sure. In this case, you're going to have to build up a credible portfolio. Basically, start writing. Write every day. Produce your own podcast to showcase said writing. And then submit your work, accept the inevitable mountain of rejections until you find your way in. It can happen, but you need some really tough skin in that field or the guts to go it on your own. I collect 100s of rejections for every sale I make in fiction.
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Fernando’s Answer

There's a considerable amount of careers involving creative writing. Various forms of marketing are part of the creative writing field such as writing ads or post on their social media platform. There's novel and story writing if you're looking to explore any ideas you may have. The field of script writing whether it be: tv, movie or commercial script writing are all tied to the field of creative writing. Depending on what you're looking for there's a career in creative writing that can suit your style.
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Tracy’s Answer

There are also roles specifically for "Content Design." They create the narrative and the voice for products to make it consistent throughout the product and how it is represented.