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How many science related classes should one take during highschool if you are interested in a STEM related carr\n

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2 answers

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Nawon’s Answer

Hi Ainsleigh,

It's so great that you have an idea of what area you want to pursue as a career!
I would say—take as many science-related courses as you are interested in taking. There is no "magic number" of high school science courses you should take, but the more you learn about different topics within STEM, the more you will be able to hone in on what specifically you want to pursue. Use this time in high school to explore as many interests as you can. This could also expand beyond school courses, but also to extracurricular activities such as clubs or after-school programs.
Also, taking more STEM courses would definitely help in showing colleges your interest in the field, which could help you get into specific STEM-related college programs or schools (but definitely NOT a guarantee that more courses = higher chance).

Hope this helps!

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Priyanka’s Answer

Hi Ainsleigh,

It is always good to take courses in high-school if you are interested in it. My personal advise would be, if you are thinking to make career in STEM, you should definitely take as many course as you'd like. Because, first thing - you will know whether you are really liking STEM courses or not. if you are not enjoying, then you can rethink about your career path. And if you are really enjoying those courses, then you will have better understanding of STEM degree.