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Ronald S. May 13, 2016 645 views

How do you start to promote a new company you wanna start up

I am asking this because I wanna mange a cleaning company I don't know how to promote my buisness idea for funding #management #administration...


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Cynthia P. May 19, 2016 527 views

Should I major in general biology or a specific branch of biology?

I want to major in biology, but I am unsure of whether I should keep it general or choose something such as cell biology or human biology. Would general biology be a better choice in terms of finding a job in the sense that it can be applied to a vast variety of jobs as opposed to a specific...

#biology #specialization #career-path #security #major #college

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Jared C. Nov 02, 2016 475 views

Do I need to live in a big city to start a career in community management?

Are there particular cities where our students should plan to be if they want to get into this career? For our students who don't live in New York or San Francisco or other big cities, is it realistic to plan to do a career management career? Are there jobs out there in small cities or rural...


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Diepreye E. Dec 04, 2016 585 views

what is an ivy league college

How is it any different and how helpfull is it I want to know everything about it #networking #neuroscience #neurology #computer-networking...


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Owen S. Oct 23, 2020 73 views

What is the training like when becoming an Electrician?

I am a high school student looking at becoming an electrician after graduating. I would just like a description of what companies will have you do for your training before starting the job. #technology...


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Adriel C. Nov 05, 2020 207 views

i am in the 12th grade and i am just beginning to explore my future career, what are some careers and helpful next steps i should consider based on my passions and interests

At school, i am most interested in engineering, chemistry, and biology, while my hobbies include mechanics, gaming, and sports. A topic i am passionate about is electronics. What are some career options that best align with these interests and what are some helpful next steps i can do in the...

#technology #career #career-choice #gaming #teacher

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Shantrell A. Nov 13, 2020 76 views

How can I start off sucessful by going to college?

Im a 10th grade student at Hillcrest Highschool and I want to see how can I take a big step forward to be successful. #student...


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Willian V. Nov 18, 2020 275 views

How do tech companies see a degree from an online institution ?

I have recently started my computer science degree at WGU, and I was wondering what people, companies, and experts think about online education nowadays. How does is affect a candidate in a possible job interview in comparison to other candidates who have the same degree in a traditional...

#computerscience #givingiscaring #technology #career

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Katerina C. Nov 22, 2020 79 views

What programs do I need to enter in college?

I want to be in the film industry, I need to know what steps I need to take especially in college, to get in the industry. The types of programs and what degree I should be aiming for is what I also need help with. #student...


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Stefania E. Nov 22, 2020 287 views

What the best way to match management and technology?

I'm a current management student but I've been thinking a lot about changing to computer science lately. #technology #student...


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Iris G. Nov 23, 2020 112 views

Is GPA important when getting into the coding field?

#givingiscaring #coding #girlswhocode #career #gpa #united-states #jobsearching I'm just starting out college and I know a lot of people tell me that the field you get into doesn't matter for undergrads, does this also apply to seeking jobs in coding through boot camps? And is there any...

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Kaley Q. Nov 24, 2020 148 views

How do I know when it is appropriate to ask for a raise in a science related field?

When I graduate high school I would really like to get a job as a science technician. Jobs are slim, but I'll work that out when I get there. My parents are both pretty passive, and don't really talk about work too much. How do I know when it's okay to talk to my boss about money related...

#work #science #career #knowledge #jobs #college #career-goals