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What do I need to become an architect?

I'm in high-school 11th and i like math, this is one reason i want to become an a architect.
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2 answers

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Firoz’s Answer

Take drafting and architecture classes in high school. Try obtain internships, apprenticeship, or entry level jobs in architecture. Obtain an associates or bachelors in architecture. Try to make sure to obtain skills in computer aided, 3 dimensional, and non computer drafting and architecture.

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Troy’s Answer

There are a lot of things you can do when thinking about becoming an architect. I am a big proponent of getting a mentor. Try to find someone that you respect, has a lot of experience and is willing to teach your about the industry.

I would also look into specialized classes and trainings you can take to increase your knowledge. It also never hurts to see if there are user conferences or industry specific events where you can network with others in that field.