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Claire Apr 11, 2019 1402 views

I want to be a Data Scientist

I have Maths and French literature double degree. Learning some Python and can do it just for Pandas. Looking for an entry-level job but hard to figure out where to start because there is very few senior data scientist in the field. Almost every company want data people but they don't even know...

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Mar 23, 2020 729 views

what are some approaches you can take to find a decent job in the midst of this unprecedented event?

I am currently looking for a data analyst and data scientist internship position for this upcoming summer 2020, possibly in the West LA area. I wanted to know how I can improve my chances of getting an internship/job

#COVID-19 #internship #data-analysis #data-science

Mathew’s Avatar
Mathew Sep 15, 2016 1662 views

How to start preparing towards a career in data science ?

I'm looking forward to starting a career in data science and I'm doing my master's right now. So, any information regarding this will be helpful for me. #data-science #databases #python #data-analysis #big-data #hadoop

Guanlong’s Avatar
Guanlong Feb 28, 2019 1149 views

How to become a successful Data scientist?

How to become a successful Data scientist? #tech #data-science #career

Kiran’s Avatar
Kiran May 02, 2019 669 views

How to data science

How to data science

Hao Jie’s Avatar
Hao Jie Feb 27, 2019 1076 views

How can I start in Data Science?

I haven’t got any technical experience. I studied business administration and management and a master of management and technology of business process. It would be a great achivement for me to learn and understand this field. #business #computer-science #data #science #python #neural #networks

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jul 08, 2021 441 views

What would best colleges to look into to become a Clinical Pathologists?

#college #medical #college-major

jacob’s Avatar
jacob Jul 15, 2021 384 views

Am I able to pursue medicine with c grades non atar

I want to pursue medicine, and don't know what I need #medicine #healthcare

Jamyre’Eona’s Avatar
Jamyre’Eona Jul 14, 2021 393 views

How to know what your career goal is ?

1.I love to sing dance and write
2.I love children and babies I hope to be an pediatrician #doctor one day
3.Im very energetic smart and outgoing

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Oct 23, 2020 472 views

What are some daily hours, and how many hours a week do Lawyers work?

I feel I would be a good lawyer, as well as some others telling me that I should be one. #wannabeLawyer

McKenzie’s Avatar
McKenzie Jun 08, 2021 443 views

To become a doctor what should I be focusing on now in school?

I am taking AP and Honors science classes . #medical #college #doctor

Gilsson’s Avatar
Gilsson Jun 09, 2021 523 views

What do I need to become an architect?

I'm in high-school 11th and i like math, this is one reason i want to become an a architect.
#architect # #career #architecture #math

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Jun 19, 2020 663 views

What is the general salary for most technology careers?

#programming #salary

Axel’s Avatar
Axel Jan 14, 2019 928 views

What does a computer programmer need?

#computer-hardware #technology #programming #technology #computer-science

Sheridan’s Avatar
Sheridan Sep 30, 2020 859 views

Does it really matter what you minor in or just what you major in??

I am a high school senior looking to go to college for elementary education but not sure what to minor in. #majors