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How can I start in Data Science?

Asked Ibi, Valencian Community, Spain

I haven’t got any technical experience. I studied business administration and management and a master of management and technology of business process. It would be a great achivement for me to learn and understand this field. #business #computer-science #data #science #python #neural #networks

2 answers

Hicham’s Answer

Updated Toulouse, Occitanie, France

You can start with some online courses and watching some dedicated youtube channel. Here is some link to start with :





Some notion in mathematics, statistics, probability wil help you in the transition.

Let me know if you want yo go further in data science and will recommend some more advaced courses

Hicham recommends the following next steps:

  • Take some some Moocs from coursera and EDX and earn some certifications
  • Select an application domaine : marketing, health, biostatitics ...
  • Try to solve some real live problems using open/public data

Varsha’s Answer

Updated Rochester Hills, Michigan

You can start with high school statistics and start developing some programming and logical skills.Basic statistics can help you develop problem solving and analytical skills.

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