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Jaime S. Oct 30, 2019 144 views

Is drawing necessary for Architecture?

I want to start preparing for my career, is drawing necessary for architecture. If so, how would it be? I want to be prepared and get a head start by learning the basics of drawing now. #architect...


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Jennifer S. Apr 26, 2020 145 views

Whats the difference between a 5 year architecture program and the 4+2 one?

I'm looking into architecture schools I want to apply to, but I'm stuck on what "program" I should take. Which one is a better choice, in terms of tuition, experience, and benefits later on in my career? thanks :)) #arch #architecture #architect...


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Matthew H. Oct 30, 2020 76 views

What did it take for you to get where you are now?

I am interested in becoming a lighting designer within the entertainment industry for things such as, concerts, television, tours, movies, and any other miscellaneous corporate events come my way. For the past couple years I have been able to learn some of grandMA2 by playing around with it and...

#entertainment #grandma2 #lighting #concert #design #live #production

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aysha T. Nov 18, 2020 151 views

can we be good at interior designing if we are bad at drawing

hi my names aysha im in7 th in the begining of quarentine i started playing a game where you have complete a whole puzzle to design a small place but then i stopped playing that game because the puzzle was a bit to hard i loved designing houses so i decided that i will look up interior...

#interior-design #game #game-design #design