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can we be good at interior designing if we are bad at drawing

hi my names aysha im in7 th in the begining of quarentine i started playing a game where you have complete a whole puzzle to design a small place but then i stopped playing that game because the puzzle was a bit to hard i loved designing houses so i decided that i will look up interior designing and make it a career for me when i grow up then i see a game where we can just design houses its really fun but evertime i look up interior designing i see we shoud be good at drawing but i bad at drawing some people said that you dont need to learn how to draw for interor desining but i dont belive them because one of my cousins is lesrning interior designing and in india i think is essential yo learn uow to draw and i dont think now i will be a interior designer when i grow up #design #game #interior-design #game-design

i think you're leaning more towards interior decorating. interior designing takes a good amount of mathematics and attention to detail. interior decorating is more creative and you get to use that creativity to decorate homes with furniture, colors, etc. Frank O.

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4 answers

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi aysha,

You don't have to be good at free hand drawing to be able to do graphic or interior design. There are lots of programs out there that can help you with drawing. You should be comfortable with using the computer software. In both of those roles, your focus really has to be on the theory behind the work. Thinking about graphic design, understanding how colors work together (or not) has nothing to do with drawing. There is a science to it that you need to learn. It would be the same with interior design, as you would need to learn about building codes, types of woods and fabric, types of paint for different areas of a space, etc.


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Andrew Castelli’s Answer

Hello Aysha,

You mention that you’re in the 7th grade and love to design houses. That’s important!
Please don’t worry about thinking that your ability to draw isn’t very good at this time in your young life.

The important thing is you are very young and just like the rest of us, when we were that age, we also struggled but had plenty of time to learn. So please don’t worry so much about this, ok? Just practice a little each day, and believe me, you’ll become an expert at Drawing.

In choosing your career in the future, you can choose either Architecture OR Interior Design,

....Drawing for you will be very easy for you...

Take care!

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Kiirsten’s Answer

Hi Aysha!

Great job on finding a cool interest and possible career path so early on! I believe when it comes to anything-- you need to have passion for what you're doing, grit, and creativity. Drawing can come naturally but it can also be taught the further you go into schooling. Maybe you can take after school art lessons? Or take an art related elective to help you gain some skills with drawing.

You got this!

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Susie’s Answer

As Gloria said above, you don't need to be able to draw to be a designer. There were a few people in my design classes in college years ago who didn't know how to draw and are successful graphic designers/designers and some have gone into photography/magazines etc (very successful). There are also only a few people currently with me who illustrate (like myself) - everyone specializes in their own things! The use of computers has very much altered the way that we do many jobs and especially design, architecture etc! Learn the fundamentals behind those things well and practice them!