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How do I become a political science researcher?

I like politics and American history. I intend on majoring in political science #political-science #college-major #politics

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2 answers

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Elin’s Answer

Hi Philip!

If you would like to pursue academic research at a university, you would need to enroll in a graduate program to receive a doctorate degree in political science. Perhaps you could work as a research assistant in college to get a better idea of what a career in academic research is like. I would also advise you to talk to your professors to get their advice on coursework and other preparations for the graduate school applications. Bear in mind that most academic researchers also need to do some teaching so you would need to consider whether you would enjoy that.

Best of luck!

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Austin’s Answer

You've got the right idea by majoring in political science at college. But ask yourself what type of researcher do you want to be? An academic, teaching at university and writing research papers, a political operative working on campaigns, a think tank researcher? all of these would have slightly different approaches. I would concentrate on trying out these different roles through internships during college and see which ones you like the most. Ask lots of questions about how others in those fields like the work, what drew them to it and go from there.