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What do I need to become this person

I am a laid back person that likes to watch Netflix, play video games and go out with family, I am hardworking and are able to get whatever task I am given done. technology video-games

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3 answers

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Samantha’s Answer

Since you enjoy video games i would look into jobs in this area. Once u find something u enjoy then i would look into this career through books and podcast. Then find little things you can do everyday to get u to your goal.
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Sumitava’s Answer

Hello Jaquan!
Of course. There are plenty of scopes in both the fields which you mentioned.
For Netflix - Content creation, Content Review, App Moderator, App development, and so on. These will help you to enjoy the work you do and slo as a bonus you might have all the spoilers of the shows :-).
Video Games - Android developer, Windows developer, Game developer. You can even be a part of a big gaming group such as EA Sports, Gameloft, etc.
Wish you all the best for the future. Stay safe and stay calm.
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Ganesha Sunder’s Answer

Since you mentioned that you like playing video games and watch Netflix, there are many roles that people can get on board in the video game industry. It is not just coding and development. If you are good at drawing you can think of becoming an animator, if you get mesmerized by the stories you can even go in the avenue towards creative writing and get into the role of a story writer. None of these careers are sure shots to success and will require a lot of struggle. However, this ensures that you are in the field in which you love to be.

Just believe in yourself and as time progresses you interests will also widen up and learn as many things as possible as they will help you in the long run.