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What does it take to be successful in business marketing?

In the future I want to pursue a career in business marketing. #business #business-management #business-development #business-intelligence #business-operations

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2 answers

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Marcel’s Answer

To be successful in any venture you need to love what you do. Marketing is a very broad area, focus on some subjects where you can shine, digital, social, ads etc and focus your skills on them.

Practice the areas you like the most, research what the market needs, usually companies look for social content marketers.

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vineet’s Answer

You must not only know your product, you must be aware of the competitive environment and cultural trends to assess your business's place in the market.
Your business must develop and refine products or services that meet customers' needs, even before the first sale
How you present and package your business' offerings is crucial to your company's success.
n a tough economy, effectively getting your product or service to your customers can mean the difference between success and failure.

Thanks a lot for responding to my question, I appreciate the advice. avonte' W.