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Norma C. Mar 14, 2014 1306 views

How long did it take you to find your dream career?

Did you know at very young age what you wanted to do, or did you realize after college??...


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Earl S. Jan 04, 2015 2293 views

What are some good colleges to learn programming?

I have did the hour of code on and became more interested in programming. After that I have been learning the basics of programming and want it to be my career. I am a sophomore now. I need help on what will be the best schools for programming and the journey to get there. Thank you....

#computer-science #computer-programming #programming

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Nathan A. Oct 28, 2016 1652 views

Do all civil engineers have to work outside in all conditions?

I am wanting to be a civil engineer but not necessarily wanting to be exposed to all elements while working. #engineering...


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arlene S. Oct 28, 2016 501 views

What does a mechanical engineer typically do?

I'm applying to major in mechanical engineering and would like a practical perspective on specific work duties....


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Matthew M. Oct 28, 2016 540 views

what math should you start in college

I don't know which math i should be finishing off in highschool #college...


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Meagan S. Oct 28, 2016 447 views

whats the best school to go to for air traffic controll

interested in this career...


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Lam L. Oct 28, 2016 529 views

What are some mistakes that engineers make in their early careers?

I want to know what to look out for when I start working....


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Genesis V. Oct 28, 2016 700 views

How did you decide on what you wanted to be?

I know I want to study something in the medical field, but I am still very indecisive. Sometimes I think of other careers to focus on but I'm not sure. I need advice on how to choose. I would like to know how a professional decided her/his career. #medicine #physician #photography...

#medical-education #pharmaceuticals #chemical-engineering #physical-therapy #chemicals

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avonte' W. Oct 28, 2016 641 views