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what is the most inspired course you have taken?

As a high school student, you suppose to take many classes as you want. But there are some courses that will be your favorite and determine your career path. So I want to ask many students about their stories, which we can share many variety information and come up with a better answer for ourselves about career path. #computer-software #science #biology #healthcare #marketing #mathematics #foreign-languages #genetics

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There are many, but if you stick to Computer Science, I did a very beautiful class in Semantics of Programming Languages, which really helped me think about Programming in a new way. Take as many core classes as you can, you'll really build up on them down the road.

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This might seem like a really strange answer -- but one of the courses that really stuck with me - comparative religion. I was raised by two atheists, and having that exposure to the religions and cultures was invaluable to me. I didn't come out an expert, obviously, but with enough to have a general understanding. That has served me well in my career as I've often been in international roles dealing with people from all over the world. Religion and culture are so intertwined, that having an understanding of religious beliefs and traditions helped me in understanding the diverse people I meet (and continue to meet).

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