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What is one advice that you would give Pre-Medical students as they are pursuing to go to medical school?

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

I am asking because the odds of adding medical school is a small ratio to students that actually take the pre-med prerequisites. With odds like this, many people refuse to take pre-med if they will not have a shot. I am curious to see what professionals think. #college #medicine #medical-school #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #pre-med

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Updated Portland, Oregon
My advice is: First, think hard and determine what your motive is for pursuing medicine. Second, study hard, get good grades. Third, volunteer in laboratories to gain experience in working, cutting edge biochemistry, molecular biology, disease research such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, parkinson's, Alzheimers', infections etc., In addition volunteer at a hospice care, adult care, or some other medical facility getting a hands on experience facing the human face of ailments and their outcomes. Fourth, talk to your teachers, and mentors who would be writing you letters of recommendations. Be pro-active.