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I'm debating between Biomedical Engineering and Dentistry. Would most of my core classes for either contribute to my decision for a major?

Updated Aurora, Illinois

I've done well in all of my STEM classes. I'm leaning towards Engineering, but haven't quite decided. I've started considering Pre Dentistry to see where my interests take me. #engineering #biomedical #dentistry #dental

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Anthony’s Answer


There is no Pre-Dentistry major.  My wife is a dentist and my daughter is second year dental student.  My wife's under graduate degree was in computer science engineering and my daughter's in neurobiology.  Both major required strong STEM core courses.  You can pursuit a degree in Biomedical Engineering and research the requirement for dental school.  I do not know much about Biomedical Engineering.  If you want to go into Dentistry, you should do something related to dentistry beside your academia, such as volunteer in a community dental clinic, shadowing a dentist, or summer work as dental assistant.  This will help you decide and also help in the dental school application as well.  Good luck.