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How can you convince your parents into letting you apply for a university instead of a two year college?

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This is my situation right now and I have been working on scholarships to obtain as much money as possible. None of my friends are in the same position so I am putting this question out there to see if anyone can relate or has advice. #college #scholarships #financial-aid #community-college

2 answers

Carole’s Answer


Hi Alyssa: Good question!! From experience with this I might be able to give you a few hints such as: 1. Get good grades in high school and take some AP classes to show your parents that you are very interested in going to a four year school. That in turn means you need to get good grades A's and B's. 2. The other necessity for a four year college is the big exam called the SAT. In this day and age they have ways to study for it and you should look into that because most people that use a book or a tape or a tutor to help with taking this test get the better scores. Parents like to see good scores because that means you are trying. 3. Another point would be to ask your parents if they could go with you to visit a few universities of choice, so that they will be knowledgeable about where you are planning to go and with that visit they can experience the surroundings on campus. 4. While still in High School join some groups or clubs that will help you get the social skill while learning a new skill( ex: joining the newspaper and having to write articles or design the pages gives you some skills that will help in college and gives you new experiences.) The more you are able to put on the application to better you are equipped to get into a four year college. Showing you parents how interested you are about going to a four year college with these suggestions, hopefully will show your parents that you have what it takes to go to a university. I mentioned a club or organization for your to join, but the other idea is getting a PT job or volunteer with something that you like to do and that will also look good to the university and to your parents. They will see how much you are doing for yourself and maybe see how interested you are in going to a four year school.

Carole recommends the following next steps:

  • Keep good communication with your parents and tell them about your classes, your clubs and group, and your test and grades. along with wanting to get the best score on the SAT. Talk with them about some getting books, tapes or tutors to help you get a high score on this exam. All of these suggestions might change their mindset on going to a university, so don't be shy, be upfront with them and sell yourself with grades, job, clubs and ask them to please come see the university. I wish you the best, but don't be too aggressive with them, let them some think about what you are saying to them rather than nagging at them. It works much better. Be your wonderful self and they will see the progress you are making.

Serge V.’s Answer


Hi Alyssa,

The benefits of going to a 4 year college as supposed to a 2 year college is your ultimate goal is to get into a university. I did my freshman year to a community college then I transferred to a university. A university has more of a diverse population and have more to offer such as groups, events and you could network more in a university. If you decide to spend your first 2 years in a community college; that's fine too because you can transfer your Associate's Degree to a university. I hope this helps you out.