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Ben May 10 122 views

How many hours do I need to invest in my skill per day to become a professional??

I want to become one of the best designers in the US and make so much money.

Pearl’s Avatar
Pearl May 10 404 views

Can you guys give me some ideas on what kind of assessments are given to junior technical art interns?

I am asking in the context of an advertising agency company that deals with mobile games, advertisements, and graphics. I'll be grateful for the advice. Thank you.❤

na'kiyah’s Avatar
na'kiyah Mar 03, 2023 286 views

Is interior design therapy for some of you?

Designing is art and art is very therapeutic for me.

Brook’s Avatar
Brook Apr 05 580 views

How to start an art project ?

How do you start an art project like how do you know what yo make what happens if it looks bad do you just throw it away or to you keep it and sell it to make money

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Oct 03, 2023 297 views

What is it like having a career as a graphic designer ?

My name is Allison I’m from Yuma Arizona and I’m interested into graphic designing and have some questions.

My first question about being a graphic designer, is stressful being a graphic designer?

My second question is, being a graphic designer worth the money and time your putting in it?

AMYT’s Avatar
AMYT Mar 27 375 views

where do i go to college if i want to learn art if im a beginner?

i really want to learn art, but i dont think my skill level is good enough to go to an art school. I just really enjoy the learning enviroment of a classrooom for art, and i am not good at learning on my own. will going to a regular college with art courses be good? or would it be better to...

Davise’s Avatar
Davise Mar 27 550 views

What is a best fit for an artistic teenager?

What is a good fit for an artistic teenager? Who is very artistic and wants to earn money. I only joined evolve me because it was Kool, I want to earn money and buy/earn stuff. I am not very good at writing. I cant write a paragraph for heck.

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Jun 27, 2018 606 views

How hard will it be becoming a artist and how long will it be

I want to know how long will it be becoming a artist because I really want to become one of them and how long it be to get a college decree to becoming an artist or a great craft of making a lot of thing just using my head. thank you for reading my message hope you will replay bye. :D #artist...

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Aug 12, 2018 699 views

Should I apply to a school that barely offers scholarship? Even if I have a decent change of getting in?

Rhode Island School of Design is one of my top schools that I'd like to attend. However, as they are a top art school of the country, they don't offer merit scholarships at all, only financial ones. Should I still apply anyway? I feel like I have a good chance of getting in, just not sure if I...

Iqra’s Avatar
Iqra Apr 18, 2020 4894 views

Is there anything you regret not doing in high school/college?

Why didn't you do it and is it something you would recommend others do? #college-advice #college #highschool #highschool-advice #JULY20

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Oct 31, 2016 857 views

How can you convince your parents into letting you apply for a university instead of a two year college?

This is my situation right now and I have been working on scholarships to obtain as much money as possible. None of my friends are in the same position so I am putting this question out there to see if anyone can relate or has advice. #college #scholarships #financial-aid #community-college

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 09, 2020 681 views

What do you love about your job?

This will help me pick a future career #degree #career

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla May 18, 2016 1200 views

I am majoring in art but i haven't narrowed it down from there yet. What major in art would be the best career wise?

I like all kind of art and I am not sure if I want to major in design, or graphic art or visual art. There are so many different branches in the art field. I am not sure which would be best. #art #fine-art #fine-arts

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Aug 15, 2018 655 views

If I plan on majoring in Art, what jobs should I go for?

#art #fine-art #art-education