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Kayla S. May 18, 2016 698 views

I am majoring in art but i haven't narrowed it down from there yet. What major in art would be the best career wise?

I like all kind of art and I am not sure if I want to major in design, or graphic art or visual art. There are so many different branches in the art field. I am not sure which would be best. #art #fine-art...


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Alyssa C. Oct 31, 2016 437 views

How can you convince your parents into letting you apply for a university instead of a two year college?

This is my situation right now and I have been working on scholarships to obtain as much money as possible. None of my friends are in the same position so I am putting this question out there to see if anyone can relate or has advice. #college #scholarships #financial-aid...


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Mary L. Jun 27, 2018 248 views

How hard will it be becoming a artist and how long will it be

I want to know how long will it be becoming a artist because I really want to become one of them and how long it be to get a college decree to becoming an artist or a great craft of making a lot of thing just using my head. thank you for reading my message hope you will replay bye. :D #artist...


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Julia A. Aug 12, 2018 206 views

Should I apply to a school that barely offers scholarship? Even if I have a decent change of getting in?

Rhode Island School of Design is one of my top schools that I'd like to attend. However, as they are a top art school of the country, they don't offer merit scholarships at all, only financial ones. Should I still apply anyway? I feel like I have a good chance of getting in, just not sure if I...

#art-school #tuition #application

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Abigail H. Aug 15, 2018 244 views
Iqra T.’s Avatar
Iqra T. Apr 18 802 views

Is there anything you regret not doing in high school/college?

Why didn't you do it and is it something you would recommend others do? #college-advice #college #highschool #highschool-advice...


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Jessica H. Jul 09 104 views