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San Francisco, California
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i want to work in content creation for youtubers as either a cameraman, editor or creator



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AMYT Mar 27 459 views

where do i go to college if i want to learn art if im a beginner?

i really want to learn art, but i dont think my skill level is good enough to go to an art school. I just really enjoy the learning enviroment of a classrooom for art, and i am not good at learning on my own. will going to a regular college with art courses be good? or would it be better to...

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AMYT Mar 27 471 views

Where do i post my first game?

I have an idea for a visual novel game, and i am in the proces of making it. one major concern i have is where should i post the game? i am worried that some sites will cost money to put it out there.

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AMYT Mar 06 739 views

Where do you find work as a beginner editor?

i want to start editing, do people start off on craigslist and such?

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AMYT Mar 06 776 views

Is college necessary for film?

if i want to dip my toe in this industry, do i need to go to college for film?

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AMYT Mar 06 525 views

How do people find connections in order to work in the Youtube industry for creators?

i really love watching youtube and want to be on a team to help youtubers film and make content. i love anything with content creation