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The hardest part about psychology majors?

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3 answers

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mark’s Answer

One of the most difficult aspects of psychology majors is, to my mind, choosing which branch of psychology to make your focus. There are many options, such as clinical, social, educational, experimental, humanistic, and more. Each requires a somewhat different skill set and type of study. I suggest you take courses in a variety of areas before definitely choosing an area of specialization. This will help guide you to an area where you think you have the most interest. Yes, there is a great deal of reading involved- this can be boring or enlightening and exciting at times. Keep your goals in mind when stuck with the boring stuff!

mark recommends the following next steps:

Read about the different branches of psychology.
Choose a school you think will best meet your needs.
Do not allow yourself to become discouraged if things get tough.
Be flexible and wiling to change direction if the one you've chosen does not feel right.

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Pete’s Answer

Like Amanda said, there’s a ton of reading. Psychology is also a really popular major, so it can be hard to distinguish yourself, especially if you’re at a large university. Making yourself known to your professors is really important as an undergrad because that will help you to get involved in lab work, which is important to getting into grad school.

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Amanda’s Answer

There is a TON of reading that is required for psychology! And many of your assignments will require you to cite your sources and back up a lot of arguments. Good luck!