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What career would I need to study if i'm interested in the study of the criminal brain?

I'm asking this because on TV I've seen many shows about people who study the criminal brain and they study how criminals think. This seems very interesting to me but I don't know where to get started. #psychology #law #criminology #behavioral-health

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3 answers

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Paul V.’s Answer




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Gary’s Answer

Hi...good question. I would suggest Psychology, Sociology, Criminology or Criminal Justice with elective courses in areas that interest you like Abnormal/Forensic/Criminal/Corrections Psychology. Any courses you take in Psychology will include a lot of different areas including psychology of the Criminal mind. Learn as much as you can about Psychology overall so it can open up more opportunities and career areas for you...plus it is a very interesting field...I have over 30 hours of coursework in Psychology and those were my most interesting courses. What you learn in Psychology can be used and applied in any career field...I have worked in business, corrections, social services and owned my own business and psychology helped me in all my jobs.
Good luck! :)

Thank you! You have really helped :) Naomi P.

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Breanna’s Answer

Forensic psychology.