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Looking into the fields of electricians, electrical engineers, and/or teachers (wanting to teach mathematics, so any math teachers of any kind are more then welcome)...feel free to message me.

My first name is said like president Reagan but spelled differently.
I'm a graduate from during the 2020 pandemic. I'm a black female who also has mild autism, and I'm also Muslim in the Islamic faith (I honestly hope there is very little discrimination but just in case I'm putting honest facts so they can just rule me out first so I don't awkwardly have to myself).
I'm just now finally during the last year have been becoming more serious in the type of career I want. Any information or advice i can get would be greatly appreciated.
I only have my diploma and 2 years experience working at McDonald's, and am also now enrolled into job corps online program and waiting to go up to campus.
I have many questions for all these careers of course, so just thought it was easier to talk to someone first than listing them all here. Even if you don't currently work in theses field, or have in past, or even know someone who has, still feel free to message me.
My grandfather is an electrician who has been a main role model all my life and i loved watching and helping him...I'm very good when it comes to science, and even better when it involves math or using my hands. He suggested i also look into electrical engineering as well because he said knowing my strengths and limitations, he thinks it would be a great career for me since it requires skills he said he knows I have. I also always wanted to be a teacher since the first grade (still have my career project art to prove it lol). I'm great with kids of almost all ages and recently starting tutoring also. One father paid me $1000 in CASH, for teaching his 13 yro daughter math in 4 days...she passed and graduated a week later.
Would love to hear from someone, and very open minded to any and all info i can get.
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2 answers

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Michael’s Answer

Before college, here's a better suggestion. Enlist with the US Army or Marine Corps as a Military Police officer, or any of dozens of other career paths. You can sign up at 17 (with parental consent) and begin your law enforcement career while finishing high school. From your 18th birthday to 21, you could complete a 2, 3, or 4 year tour as a Military Police officer, gaining Veteran's Status and essential experience on the job, while other kids your age are struggling with college and retail (Starbucks or McDonald's) jobs.

While on active duty, you could complete a degree ON-LINE with any of several colleges, such as the University of Maryland, Global Campus, and graduate in 3 years with a BA/BS. (Most colleges and Universities give you college credit for attending military training.) The military will PAY for your college.

Military experience can make you an excellent teacher in any skill (Math, English, Civics, etc) plus earning you free tuition for college.

Long term- stay in the Reserves or National Guard for 20 years, concurrent with your future teaching job, and you'll qualify for a military pension and other benefits. You'll also have Veteran's Preference for every job or promotion you apply for (for life), and GI Bill benefits when you're ready to buy a home.
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Amy’s Answer

Hi Reighan,

It sounds like you want to explore options and you may also want to consider supports for students with autism. Community college is a great way to take a variety of classes at a comparatively low cost. Most community colleges offer a range of 2-year Associate degrees. Some are focused on developing job skills so you can start working in 2-years. Others are "transfer degrees" that focus on fulfilling requirements for the first 2-years of a BA degree so you can transfer to a 4-year college. If you live in Bucksport, ME, your closest community college is 18mi away -

If you want to be a teacher or electrical engineer, you will want to earn an AA transfer degree. It looks like the only Transfer degree offered at your local community college is a liberal arts - This is probably a solid preparation for a BA in Education/Teaching but you will need to self-select a lot of Science & Math if you want to go on to Electrical Engineering. Be sure to identify the BA degree requirements at the 4-year colleges listed in the Transfer agreement!

Your diversity - of race, culture, faith, neurobiology, etc. - should be an asset I hope too! Community colleges often have a range of scholarships, tutoring and support options funded by state and federal government as well as private organizations. If you are comfortable sharing your "profile", the community college advising office can help you identify these resources. You may also qualify for accommodations from a college disability resource services office, especially if you had an IEP or 504 plan in high school.

My BA degree was in Economics and Japanese. I worked at Microsoft for 15 years before going to back to school to become a Special Education teacher. Now I have my own business. Your path does not have to be straight. Explore your interests and recognize that they will change over time. That's okay, even great! Just be sure to follow them!

Good luck to you!
thank you this was very helpful. i really appreciate the advice and might look into this, i know many who went to emcc so maybe i can ask them. Reighan M.