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Technical Leader at 3M
Bracknell, England, United Kingdom
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Jhy'Deisha Nov 17 78 views

How should I manage my time in high school????

What is the best way to manage my time in high school?

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Jack Apr 05, 2021 1454 views

What inspired you to become and engineer or another STEM related career?

#engineering #stem #material-engineering #stemcareers #electrical-engineering #chemical-engineering

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Meridee Nov 01 250 views

What branch of Chemistry should I specialize in and what jobs are available for each?

I love Chemistry and I know I want to major in it, but I don't know what branch I want to go into specifically. I know there's analytical chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry. What kinds of jobs do each of these branches include and which branches will have the...

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Reighan Jun 24, 2021 291 views

Looking into the fields of electricians, electrical engineers, and/or teachers (wanting to teach mathematics, so any math teachers of any kind are more then welcome)...feel free to message me.

My first name is said like president Reagan but spelled differently. I'm a graduate from during the 2020 pandemic. I'm a black female who also has mild autism, and I'm also Muslim in the Islamic faith (I honestly hope there is very little discrimination but just in case I'm putting honest facts...

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Lisamarie Oct 20, 2016 736 views

In the world I've noticed the gender gap is this something I should worry about?

I've done some search ups and so far I've met seven male physic professors and one female chemistry professor honestly it's a little intimidating and I don't know what to make of it all my friends encourage me but i just don't know.... #physics #chemical-engineering #chemical-engineer #chemicals

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Ameera May 27, 2016 947 views

What holds women back the most in a workplace? Preferably women majoring in STEM.

Recently received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I will be attending graduate school in the fall to receive my Master's of Science degree. In the near future I plan on teaching at a university level. #women-in-stem #women #women-in-tech

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Gloria Sep 10, 2016 743 views

What is virtual reality all about?

I would like some insight about how virtual reality came to be and how it is actually set up. I had a demo on virtual reality while visiting CNBC headquarters two months ago and I really liked seeing virtual reality before my very eyes. I just want to know more information about virtual reality...

Abbas’s Avatar
Abbas Sep 28, 2016 3936 views

What are some good questions to ask the interviewer to get a better understanding of the company you work for

to prepare yourself for the interview and look more prepared #computer-software #computer #management #university #accounting #marketing-and-advertising #job-application

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Alexander May 23, 2016 740 views

What can i do with a degree in chemistry?

I enjoy chemistry and would like to make a career out of my passion. #chemistry #bio-chem #chemist

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Christian May 13, 2016 705 views

How should I go about looking at college majors if those that I am interested in may not be the best for supporting a future family?

I'm asking this to help me figure out wither a job I enjoy is better than a job that would economically set me for the future. #college

Peter’s Avatar
Peter May 12, 2016 1923 views

Are the prospects for chemistry truly as bad as people make them out to be?

Initially, I was really interested in majoring in chemistry/biochemistry (I realize the two are very different, but was leaning towards chemistry) this coming fall, but from what I've read online, chemists don't seem to have great job prospects. I've read of PhD students struggling to make over...