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Whats is information about mechanical engineering? i need some answers for my junior capstone

i have background and fields for my capstone. this is for my in tech school engineering mechanical-engineering manufacturing-engineering

Hi Cody! Thanks so much for your question. I was wondering if you could expand on what you are looking to learn? Is there an area in Mechanical Engineering that you find most interesting that you want to pursue? Is your question about the backgrounds and fields that you could pursue in a career, if you were to seek a Mechanical Engineering education? We would love to help and excited to see what you are excited about in the future! We are here to help. Cheers :D Christian Varsava

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2 answers

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Benson’s Answer

There are many professional fields of mechanical engineerings, such as automatic control, statics, thermal... etc.

You must first understand what your interest is, then cut in from your interest, turn your interest into a profession, and then develop the second expertise from this profession, and integrate with the first expertise to give play to the power of one plus one greater than two, Believe me, your success will come.
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Ken’s Answer

Hi Cody!

Congratulations on being interested in such an interesting field!

Here are some interesting statistics:

Here is a video that will help you to learn more. In addition to the main video, there are more along the right side of the screen that will be helpful:

Best of luck! Please keep me posted!