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I want to go for data science but I'm not sure about it as a career

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7 answers

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Brayden’s Answer


Data science is a ever growing industry because company's use this data in so many different ways. Companies use it for targeted advertising to places to vacation to showing you shows that you might like. The challenge with this data is a) finding a place to store it and b) how to use it in a way so its not apparent to users that they are seeing a targeted add. At this point people know sites like facebook, youtube and amazon use your data to push adds and clips to they can either a) gain add dollars by you watching the ad or b) hopefully sell you the product because you saw it somewhere. In finding new methods to store this data, companies now build huge data farms that are used as holding facilities for your data. They use huge processors to sort your data to the way they see best fit. In the ad space there are companies that work to solely sell your data to advertisers. In the end workers in this space is much needed so if you decide to go down this path I see no problem with you getting a job.

Good luck!
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Mickael’s Answer

R S.

Data science is a growing science, especially when it is applied in computer. It can helps analyze a vast amount of data and help companies make smart decisions. This is becoming the 21st century topic of interest: data.

While humanity has always tried to deal with data since they know how to store it, our century is seeing flow of data from everywhere, so much that we need computer to analyze and process them in a useful way. Which means that if you want to be in the data science field, I believe you will have, at some point of your studies and/or career to deal with computers.

I believe it also depends on the degree you want to have. If you are going into the research like Ph.D. then the answer above is slightly different. This would be, I believe, maths intensive and find new ways to process data ...

I am in computer science working for storage solution. I can tell you that we are looking at all the ways we can to be able to process data that our products store as a smart added value to our customers. Digital Data processing (Data Science on Computer) is clearly our 21st century.

For pure data science, I can't talk much.
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Pro’s Answer

Try an Interdisciplinary, Liberal Studies, or General Studies major, that will let you combine multiple interests. Or an Individually Designed major that you can even name yourself.
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Bob’s Answer

Data science will be a field that is in high demand for years to come as the world continues to increase the amount of data that can be searched at an exponential rate. The insights that can be made from analyzing data continue to evolve. If you enjoy math, statistics, and problem solving, I encourage you to learn more about career options.
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Wuqin’s Answer

Hi R S.,

Data science is a good career choice if you love math, computer programming, and business problem solving. There is a huge and ever growing demand for data scientists. It's a field that requires continuous innovation so you will never get bored. It provides great opportunity for you to implement your ideas/models to empower others making better decisions.
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Aravind’s Answer

DS is a very in demand role in product and tech companies now. For example, at Facebook they help define goals for all of the product initiatives. In that capacity, they're well respected and helps leaders take an objective approach to measuring product success. They're usually also involved in strategic initiatives right from early stages and can meaningfully shape the direction.
However, fair warning that companies that don't understand the role will also use them to just run queries after a product has launched, etc.
In terms of long term career path, large companies have VP+ level of the DS role. You could also switch into product if your product sense is great. Hope this is helpful!
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LaTonya’s Answer

R. S.
Data is used in every field around the world. Continue your research into the field to find what specialty aligns with your desire. I have listed a few resources for you below. As your comb through each of these sites, build a list of companies to believe that data science or big data is the wave of the future.
Big Data & Data Analytics (
Big Data, Big News | Emory University | Atlanta GA (
The Top Data Science And Analytics Associations (
The 14 Best Data Science Events and Conferences to Attend in 2021 (
Data Science | Coursera

I hope this helps. Much success to you.