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Bryan Dec 13, 2021 1033 views

What is something you regret before graduating?

Dayroom #career

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Jabari Dec 10, 2021 897 views

How difficult are overall engineering classes in college

#engineering #engineer #college #career

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Ashley Dec 11, 2021 649 views

Other than a portfolio, how can an artist advertise themselves to colleges?

What other ways are artists recognized as a student applying for college besides using their portfolio? #college #artist #art

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Taleah Dec 10, 2021 482 views

What careers do you know that requires business & filming?

#entrepreneur #career #business-management #business

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Kevin Dec 01, 2021 564 views

3.What job tools should I relate to?

I would like to know which tools are necessary for this type of work and how often the tool is updated.
#law #work #career #police #investigate

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Trebeon May 05, 2016 1116 views

Whats The Best College to go to if you wanna be an electrician

I Wanna Go To The Best College Possible #electrical

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Logan Nov 16, 2021 404 views

What is the day-to-day experience of an Electrical Power-line Installer like? What is still the biggest challenge to you in your job today? Any drawbacks to your work?

I'm a student studying Building Construction Technology in order to specialize into electrical. Looking at a few careers within that specialty. #electrical

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Camiya Aug 06, 2021 536 views

What is my career goal and why .?

My career is goal is to atleast have 3 years of experience in truck driving and then five years after that should be starting my own truck I say this cause ever since I was little I always wanted to be up high driving semi in & out of state delivering things . #career #job

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Jay Jun 14, 2021 1083 views

MPH or MSOT? I have been struggling with deciding if I should pursue a MPH or a masters of science in Occupational Therapy?

I am very indecisive, especially when it comes to choose a career and one that pays well. I was leaning towards a MPH however Occupational Therapy has been in my head lately also because I feel as I am going to be " licensed" or " qualified" and I will always find a job easily, compared to a...

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Jeremiah Aug 05, 2021 532 views

How can I start my fame on TV or How can I start my political career

I've always wanted to be on TV advocating for youth, to show the world that even though we are young we can still acomplish big things, and that all we need is there support and efforts to help us get there. I want to be on TV to show adults that yes we are young yes we are kids/teenagers but...

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hunter Aug 11, 2021 950 views

how much does a cop make

i am in job corps #career #business

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Tshiamo Aug 12, 2021 571 views

Careers that require geography and maths

Extrovert #career

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Jefferny Jun 29, 2021 644 views

Are there any tips or a heads up for people getting into the gaming industry?

Hi, I just recently graduated and I'm heading off to college to major in Game Design. I am aware of how risky it is, but it is one of the only things that I can do for hours on end and enjoy every last moment of it. I just hope I can make this work somehow. #game-design #games #video-games...

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someone Jul 02, 2021 567 views

it's career related question

I'm planning to do bachelors in fine arts after my 12th
what is the career option I can choose in that field?
and also any college suggestion for this in Canada?

#college #artist #career #career-choice

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Joseph Jul 04, 2021 852 views

How do you become more confident in front of camera when recording videos.

#social-media #videography #confidence #creativity #cameras #photography