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Are there any tips or a heads up for people getting into the gaming industry?

Hi, I just recently graduated and I'm heading off to college to major in Game Design. I am aware of how risky it is, but it is one of the only things that I can do for hours on end and enjoy every last moment of it. I just hope I can make this work somehow.

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6 answers

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Jefferny W. How exciting for you to be starting this new adventure!!

My biggest tip that I share with you is to bring your highest levels of curiosity. The tone I get from what you wrote in your question is that you already have passion for this subject and for this part of your developmental journey. So you may be thinking to yourself...curiosity? passion? really? :) It may sound a bit corny for me to encourage these as will likely find these two things useful in addition to the strong skill sets you will bring and/or learn including programming, game theory and graphic design.

Curiosity and passion are two entities that I believe are instrumental in any job that one wishes to build on to make a sustainable career. They both can be huge drivers to creating an additional layer of excellence for your users. Which brings me to another suggestion. Continue to keep your users in mind. My guess is that you are a gamer too? So depending on how much you play, you can and should rely on those elements of a game that you like and will have the power to make other words, you will be in the terrific position to innovate!

I am so very excited for you as you move along your journey. I imagine by now that you also understand what a great field this is both for fun and for business growth. Best of luck to you as you move forward!
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Mickael’s Answer

Hi Jefferny,

" it is one of the only things that I can do for hours on end "
What is that you like, playing ? If that's so then I would like to say that game industry is a lot about designing, play testing, improve, repeat. So you do not really play like morning to evening. Also think about that you are not alone or with friend but in a company with management, budget and sales constraints.
This is why I always say: do not take as a career something that you are not ready to work under hard constraints unless you actually plan to be your own boss, and even so, you will get constraints from life.

So be careful.

In the video game industry for example, even the testers do not play and play. They play a part, do some reports, really search for bug, write some reports, get newer version from developers, repeat. The developers do not play.

Otherwise, sure go for it!
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Luis’s Answer

It's great to see you on your way!
Something that I found super important is to make sure to have as much practical experience as possible. When pursuing your degree make sure to work extra hard on any project or assignment you are doing and look at it as a learning experience. These projects you end up working on, especially as a new grad will be, along with your skills, the main thing that recruiters will be looking at when they review your job application. The more impressive the projects you've worked on the more likely you will be to get that first interview. As well, make sure to take part in any extra-curricular activities to give you more practical knowledge. I personally suggest Game Jams as they can be super fun and if you put your all into them can produce truly amazing results.

As well, as a game designer, I suggest you pursue more classes/knowledge in programming even if it's not a large part of your curriculum at school. Nowadays being well-rounded going into some sort of game development job is an essential asset that many people are looking for!

If you work hard this is totally an achievable goal that you can make work! Gaming is the biggest it has ever been and it shows no signs of stopping. There are so many companies looking for talented individuals and as long as you have the patience and determination to keep trying to make a career in game development.
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Prakash’s Answer

Gaming is extremely popular amongst adults and children as well. To make a career in gaming you need to have a passion for gaming.
Focus on the technologies which are most commonly used, followed by this, working through the many tutorials available online and a plethora of resources, you can also start to make small video games. This inspires confidence and a desire to pursue further in the field.
There is no better way to learn than working on your own project. You would be always more passionate about your own project.
Patience, Because you will probably not get what you need to do a task right away And always keep learning.
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Ayush’s Answer

The gaming industry is huge and there will always be a need for people and the jobs that need filling are extremely diverse as well. You can work on the design side, you can do the infrastructure, the marketing, the video production, the 3d modeling, or the more engineering side of things and can of course move between these.
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LaTonya’s Answer

Jefferny, also look into the gaming convention MomoCon.

View the companies who sponsor and participate in this event.

Much success to you!