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How can I start my fame on TV or How can I start my political career

I've always wanted to be on TV advocating for youth, to show the world that even though we are young we can still acomplish big things, and that all we need is there support and efforts to help us get there. I want to be on TV to show adults that yes we are young yes we are kids/teenagers but we still have just as much of a mindset and feelings as an adult. career future but I also want to look good while doing it fashion.

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1 answer

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LaTonya’s Answer


Have you thought about creating a Podcast on all of the topics of interest to you? What about starting a YouTube channel? You can create questions around your ideas and desires. What problems are you trying to address and how do those problems effect the youth in your community? If you have the opportunity to participate in school activities that align with you interests, go for it.

Continue to flush out your ideas.

Much success to you!