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what I need to do to be a artist

am in high school and I love art I think I can helping people when they is sick is right for me art artist singing creative fine-art

Taking art classes like Life Drawing, Color Theory and Painting helps you learn and refine basics. When it comes to Painting, you can either learn to paint traditionally or digitally. Akhilesh V.

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1 answer

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Isabel’s Answer

It sounds like you might be interested in art therapy or music therapy! It depends on what route you might be more inclined to go toward but there is a lot of ways to go about that.
Music/art therapy is used primarily for either young children who are neurodivergent and it supplements learning goals or for the elderly who have dementia/Alzheimer’s. There are tons of resources online to see more about this.

Isabel recommends the following next steps:

Research Music and Art Therapy
Shadow and interview a Music/art therapist
Research colleges/universities that certify music/art therapists