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When do you think COVID will be over with?

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2 answers

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Donna’s Answer

COVID is another contagious virus like the Flu and will continue to evolve into different strains. The big difference is that the Flu has been around for so long MOST people have built up antibodies already and the Flu vaccine changes every year to 'predict' how the strain will change. Even that is never 100% and their are many, many cases where people don't survive. What happened with COVID is that it was NEW and Global all at once. As such there was no data, too many unknowns and as mentioned in another reply the media plays into anything. Doing your own research, and taking precautions such as hand washing, not touching your face can help you from getting COVID. Sadly though, COVID will remain in the spotlight for some time to come until more people have built up antibodies against it and we have heard immunity and it still won't really go away.

All that being said - you can live your life and start planning out your career and profession regardless of COVID. Follow your state guidelines and be mindful of other states if you need to travel to visit a school or potential job. And most importantly stay true to yourself and to others; everyone has their own comfort level and thoughts on the topic of COVID being respectful and understanding of that will also help you to move forward. You can't change other people or their thoughts, you can only change and control how you deal with a situation.
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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Zion,
I do not think that there will be a future where we do not have COVID in some form, not soon anyway. You should not wait for it to be over to work on your dreams. You will do best to stay informed about how to keep safe during COVID, but then do what you need to do to get the job that you want.