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How should a prepare for a first job interview?

As not having any previous job experience how should i prepare for and execute my first interview since job experience is a big deal in getting a job? #interviews #interview-preparation #job-application

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5 answers

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Katya’s Answer

Hi Seth, to prepare for your very first interview you could do the following:

1) Learn about the company always- know the company structure, financials, community involvement, client experience, CEO- latest news

2) understand the company core values and mission statement- this is the priority of every associate to live and drive the company mission daily. This is the company Brand.

3) review and update your resume- have someone to take a look and give you feedback

4) be prepared to discuss your success stories and what do you think lead you to that success

5) conduct mock interviews -prepare questions yourself and have a friend, family member ask you the questions. Do this exercise more then once- it will build confidence and also allow you to judge yourself and make changes

6) be prepared to answer the following questions :” why do you want to work for our company?”

7) of course dress professionally

8) arrive for the interview at least 15 minutes- but don’t be late

9) have questions ready that you want to ask the interviewer- this is a crucial part and shows your high interest in the role

10) make sure you understand what the requirements of the job role -and align your background and how you could be successful

11) be prepared to answer questions about your strength and weaknesses

good luck

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Seth

Before Your First Job Interview

Research the Company. Take some time to research the company so you are familiar with how they operate. There is a lot of company information available online.

Learn About the Job. Learn about the job you are looking to get. Ask yourself, "Why am I the best person for the job?" Do you know someone else who works at the company? Ask them about the job, the interview process, and the company.

Practice Interviewing. Review typical teen interview questions and answers and practice your responses before you go. Ask a family member or friend to ask you some questions, so you can practice your answers.

Dress Appropriately. Choose simple and appropriate attire for the position you are interviewing for. If you're not sure what to wear ask an adult family member, teacher, or guidance counselor. Take a look at what you shouldn't wear to a first job interview, as well.

Write a Resume. A resume will make a good impression on the interviewer. Bring a copy of your resume, if you have one, and a pen and paper ready to take along for notes. Here's how to write your first resume.

Get Directions and a Ride. If you need a ride to the interview, line it up ahead of time. Make sure you know where you are going for the interview so that you do not get lost and are on time.

During Your First Job Interview

  • If you're under 18 and your state requires teens to have working papers, bring your working papers with you.

  • Try to stay cool, calm, and collected. Staying as calm as possible will help you focus on the interviewer.
    I- f you feel flustered, pause and take a few deep breaths to gather your thoughts.

  • Be confident in your skills and abilities when you are talking to the interviewer. Remember this is a first job and you aren't expected to have a lot of experience.

  • Try to incorporate what you know about the company looking to hire you.

  • Be honest. If you have sports or other activities that may conflict with your work schedule, tell the interviewer.

  • Make eye contact and avoid distractions.

  • Listen and take notes. Have a question ready to ask at the end of the interview.

  • At the end of the interview thank the interviewer for taking the time to interview you.

After Your First Job Interview

Send a thank you note immediately after the interview. Remind them about how interested you are in the position they are looking to fill.

Send a note to each person that interviewed you.

More great tips on:

Good luck!

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Poonam’s Answer

Here are the best tips for interview preparation:


A resume is the primary tool to land a job. Create your resume as per the job profile the organization is putting forth and underlining your strength desired for the job. Keep in mind a certain something, that the points you are specifying in it ought to be the ones, you are actually intended to. This ought not be ranting and not be false just to impress the hiring manger.


Before going to any interview for any organization, ensure you know enough about the organization and you are ready to work in this organization. To achieve this, go through the company profile and the current position of the organization. It will help you to comprehend them and give you more confidence. So, invest efforts in this during your interview preparation.


Your dressing sense is the reflection of your identity. It characterizes the society you come from. Dress like you represent them. A formal suit is recommended. Dark trousers and a white shirt would be the best blend. Abstain from wearing coloured shirts and trousers. Resemble a professional.

for more details: interview preparation for fresher

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MJ’s Answer

Find out the company details via website( company motto, size etc). if you do not have job experiences - write the certificates and skills you have to prove that you have the right skill set. try to get good reference.

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lori’s Answer

Make an effort to find out everything about the company before you go. How many employees? Are they publicly traded? Who is the CEO?
Where clothing appropriate for the job you are interviewing. If you do not have the proper attire, beg, borrow or go to Goodwill. If the job is corporate, cover up any visible tattoos, and if your hair is purple, green, blue or any other color that is not a standard natural color, change it to one that is. (Unless you are interviewing for jobs where those things are perfectly acceptable.

At some point in the interview, ask why this position is available? If interviewer asks about your future family (which is not legal), have an answer ready such as "I've not yet decided on that issue as yet. Do not say that is an illegal question. However, if the interviewer asks questions of that nature, you probably don't want to work for them.

Research the average salary for the position in which you are applying so if asked, you can give a number that is neither too high nor too low.
Make eye contact, and most importantly, SHUT OFF YOUR CELLPHONE DURING THE INTERVIEW.