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What would it take for you to change to another major if you were unhappy with the one you chose?

Asked Russiaville, Indiana

I am asking this question because If I was unhappy with it I could change to another major. #pediatrician #pediatric-nursing

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Daniela’s Answer

Updated State of Goiás, State of Goiás, Brazil

Hi Kylee,

This kind of thing is completely normal to happen. Almost every person has ever think and change of career, occupation, academic course, etc.

With me was not different. I started my career in a psycologic´s course when I realize that my real abilitie was in education career, specially helping others with learning questions and professional doubts.

My personal advice is feel free to change your mind in order to get the best course, career and strategy that fits better with your dreams, goals and purposes.

I hope this testimonial can help you.

Best of luck!